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Building a Brand: How Social Marketing Scene Was Born

Both of my businesses were created as a solution to a problem that I encountered in my life. Right now these problems may seem very minute in comparison to the larger problems we are facing as a country but I like to remember that our lives don’t stop in the midst of societal or environmental issues. If you sit in front of me for a discovery session or a consultation the first question I will ask is what is your brand story. It is the best foundation to building a brand and a solid marketing strategy from.

This is my brand story...

As a teenager l was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that could be made worse by sun exposure and while I should have been concerned about more important things I became hyper-focused on the fact that I couldn't get a tan or sit in the sun anymore. I was not ready to give up my healthy glow so I came up with a plan to keep my tan and make money while doing it. Yes, this is very much a “first world problem” but you try telling that to your sick child before prom or your sister who just kicked cancers butt and wants to feel her best for an overdue date with her husband! While a spray of sunshine isn't a necessity it sure can bring a smile on a cloudy day.

One year after opening my business I packed my spray tan machine into my car and drove 16 hours to Charleston, SC where I lived for the next five years. Although it was a tough transition I don’t regret it one bit because that is where I learned the most valuable information about life and business.

Trying to build a business as a young adult in a foreign place feels impossible. I had multiple independent contracts with different salons that did not bring in enough profit to survive and I spent too much of my time using traditional marketing tactics to build awareness. I came to a place where I had to either figure it out or give up on trying to be a business owner. In my last attempt to make it work I began researching the marketing strategies of big box brands and I learned the importance of digital marketing. In 2013 I stumbled upon Facebook’s Business Page feature that was starting to gain a ton of recognition. It was a game changer in terms of opportunity.

I became obsessed to say the least and my new passion not only solved a problem for my business but also opened the doors to a much bigger business venture. This business would help companies connect and convert web browsers into paying customers by implementing the strategies of big brands on a smaller budget and because it was online I could run it from anywhere and in any state! I took my first few clients, gained some confidence, and then moved back home in 2015.

I found a job and settled in before going back to the drawing board to plan my my rebrand. In the fall of 2018 Tasteful Tans finally reopened except as CT Spray Tans and in one year I had brought in more money then all of my years combined. I used CT Spray Tans as a case study for future clients and as proof to myself that my services worked. In July of 2019 I began setting the stage for Social Marketing Scene, LLC. by creating a group for Connecticut business owners and entepenuers and officially opened in November.

It has been nothing short of encouraging to see the growth of social media marketing. As traditional marketing continues to decrease I feel confident that I am in the right business. Thank you to everyone who has been following along and supporting my brand! I can’t wait to share more with you all! Cheers to another great year!


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